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Extremely accurate

home paternity test

  • From 99.9999% accurate
  • Tested in a NATA accredited laboratory
  • FREE return express post
Choose this peace of mind test if you want the assurance of an extremely accurate paternity test at a very reasonable price. 

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NATA accredited legal

paternity test

  • Accepted by Australian courts and government departments
  • Fully NATA accredited to ISO 17025 standard
  • Fast and private
  • FREE return express post

Choose this NATA legal paternity test if you need a paternity test for legal or government use. You may need a legal paternity test due to a court order, or for a family law dispute over issues such as child support or child custody. Or, you may use it for an inheritance or immigration case, or to change a birth certificate.


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home paternity test

  • Up to 99.999999997% accurate
  • Tested in a NATA accredited laboratory
  • FREE return express post 
  • Our premium paternity test

Choose this premium peace of mind paternity test if you want the absolute confidence of our ultra-accurate paternity test.

This test is strongly recommended if two potential fathers may be related.


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Features common to all tests:

  • Tested to exacting scientific standards in accordance with NATA requirements and ISO 17025
  • Easy to use test kit and painless sampling
  • Confidential and discreet service
  • Tested in Australia
  • Comprehensive hardcopy report of results posted to you


Home paternity test - DNA testing process:

  1. Once you receive your test kit in the
    mail, use the sterile swabs provided to collect DNA samples, and then return the test kit in the reply paid envelope
  2. We will test and analyse your samples
  3. You will receive a printed report of your results in the mail


NATA legal paternity test - DNA testing process:

  1. Your DNA testing kit, including full instructions, will be posted to you 
  2. Follow the instructions in your kit. Book and attend a DNA collection appointment with your GP or a pathology centre
  3. Once your samples have been returned to the laboratory your DNA samples will be tested and fully analysed 
  4. You will receive a printed report of your results in the mail





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