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Sibling DNA Testing and Other Family Relationship Testing

Family - sibling test, grandparent testing, avuncular test

Sibling DNA test - from $475    

A sibling DNA test, or sibship test, determines whether individuals are siblings or not. Sibling testing can be used both in cases of full siblings or in the case of half siblings. Full siblings share two biological parents in common, whereas half siblings share one biological parent. To perform this test, samples are needed from each of the potential siblings. A home DNA test kit is used to collect DNA samples using sterile mouth swabs, which are sent back to us for testing and analysis. We recommend that when possible, a sample from a common biological parent (e.g. a shared mother) is also provided for testing.

A full sibling DNA test is commonly used to determine if siblings share the same biological father or not. It may be that you already know you have the same biological mother as another sibling, but are wondering if you have the same biological father as well.  A sibling DNA test can answer this question. Any number of possible brothers and sisters can be tested and compared.

A half sibling DNA test can be used to determine if you have just one parent in common, usually the same biological father, where it is already known that the siblings have different biological mothers. In this case the test determines the probability you have the same biological father, compared to being two unrelated individuals. 

Grandparent DNA test (or Missing Parent Test) - from $475

This test is used to determine if there is a biological relationship between grandparents and a child. Samples from one or both grandparents and the child are required. It is strongly recommended that wherever possible, a sample from the known biological parent (e.g. the mother) is also provided.

This test can also be used to indirectly test for paternity, when a sample from a potential biological father is not available. Samples from the child, mother and paternal grandparents (i.e. parents of the potential father) are required. It is recommended that samples from other paternal relatives, such as any known brothers or sisters of a potential father, are also supplied.  

Avuncular DNA relationship testing (Aunt / Uncle testing) - from $475

Avuncular testing can be used to determine the relationship between a niece or nephew and a potential aunt or uncle. A sample from the known biological mother or other relations will increase the accuracy of this test. 

Twin DNA testing (Twin Zyogosity) - from $299
Twin testing is used to determine whether twins are identical or non-identical (fraternal) twins. Identical twins have the same DNA profile, whereas non-identical twins have different DNA profiles. In order to perform twin testing, samples are required from each twin.

Maternity DNA test - from $249
A maternity DNA test is used to determine whether a potential mother is the biological mother of a child. The test is performed by comparing the potential mother’s DNA with that of the child. Maternity testing is sometimes used in adoption or surrogacy cases. 

Kinship DNA testing 

If the DNA relationship test you require is not listed above please contact us to discuss your individual testing requirements.

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