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About Paternity Testing Australia

About Us

Paternity Testing Australia is based in Melbourne and operates throughout Australia. We have 17 years’ experience in DNA testing and analysis, and specialise in paternity testing and family relationship testing (e.g. sibling testing). We are committed to bringing you extremely accurate paternity testing and other DNA testing services, with care and understanding.

Our Story

We started Paternity Testing Australia because we wanted to offer extremely accurate DNA and paternity testing, alongside a level of service that allows us to truly understand our clients’ needs. Unlike others, we also wanted to take the time to ensure that our clients fully understand their test results.

In order to do this:
  • We use an extremely accurate DNA test 
  • We make sure that you can discuss your individual case with a scientist
  • We offer the option of having a scientist call you to carefully go through your results

Our Services and Expertise

In addition to DNA paternity testing we offer Kinship (Relationship) Testing including maternity, sibling, twin, aunt/uncle, grandparent and other family relationship testing. Our lead scientist is a recognised expert in the field of DNA testing and analysis, has numerous publications in this field and is an experienced expert witness for the Courts. 

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